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University Settlement - Recreation

Founded in 1910 - University Settlement  is a multi-service agency helping individuals and families to learn and grow by engaging them in social, cultural, recreational and educational opportunities.

We have a fitness room, a pool, a gym as well as an auditorium that we use for youth activities. Membership is required for recreational programs or for general use of recreational facilities.

Aquatics Programs

Sharks Swim Team
Join our new Children’s Swim Club “The Sharks” The swim team practices flip turns, dives, variety of drills and workouts every week. The Sharks compete in at least one swim meet each term. (Prerequisite: completion of Red Cross Swim Kids 6)
Red Cross Swim Sports
A sampler program of various aquatic sports for those that love the water.  This program is designed to encourage swimmers of all abilities to learn the fundamentals of aquatic activities and sports.  Underwater Hockey and Lifesaving Activities are just a few exciting sports that will be learnt. (Prerequisite: completion of Red Cross Swim Kids 5)
Private and Semi-Private
Children and adults are welcome to take our private swim lessons. Red Cross Swim will be taught to children swimmers and adults swimmers will have the opportunity to set swimming goals with their instructor during their first lesson and work towards achieving those goals over the term. Private Lessons are a great way for children to perfect a skill they are having trouble with!
Red Cross Swim Preschool (4 children to 1 instructor)
A learn-to-swim program for children ages 4 months to 6 years. Lessons are designed to be fun, using lots of songs, games, and themes. We also offer higher levels of instruction for children ages 3 to 5 which build swimming skills and teach age-specific water safety.
Red Cross Swim Kids (6-8 children to 1 instructor) 
A learn-to-swim program for children ages 5 and older. The 10-level program helps swimmers develop the five main swimming strokes: front crawl, back crawl, elementary back stroke, breast stroke, and sidestroke which supports learning how to be safe in, on, and around the water. The program also increases fitness and endurance through enjoyable activities. Swim Kids can be taken as part of our After School Program!
Parent and Tot Swim 
We host parents and their little ones for a free drop in program. Guardians and their children who are between 6 months and 6 years of age are invited to come out and splash with us in our pool! This is a free program that is funded by Growing Up Healthy Downtown. A swim instructor facilitates the class and guardians must accompany their children into the water. Songs, games and basic swimming skills are taught during the class as well as free time is given for parents and children to explore the water on their own!
Pubilc Swimming
Aquafit classes are offered three times a week and are a great way to work out! An instructor leads the class through a warm up, workout and cool down which includes stretching. If you are looking for a more advanced level we suggest that you try our Wednesday class. During this class participants have the option of doing their work out in the deep end! We supply all aquafit equipment for all participants but feel free to bring your own as well.
Length Swim 
Length swim is offered at a variety of different times during the week. Our lanes are divided up by speed and depend on program needs. Swimmers can do their laps in the leisure, slow, medium or fast lane. Our length swim is usually available in the morning, lunch hour and evening. Please see our length swim policies on pool etiquette.
Recreational Swim 
Recreation swimming is available for families, too! Bring your children and have some fun with all of our pool toys. All swimmers who wish to participate in the recreational swim swim must be Agency Members and follow the Admittance Policy. Length swim is not permitted during recreational swim times. Please see our policies for more information about the Admittance Policy.
Youth Programs
Sports For Youth
FREE Girls basketball for youth ages 13 to 25
FREE Drop in basketball for youth ages 13 to 25
Youth Membership rate for Yoga, Swimming and Fitness Room
Various Activities
A very special overnight camp experience to those that are eligible in partnership with Moorelands. Camp Moorelands is 2½ hours north of Toronto and campers are whisked away by bus to the camp and get to enjoy 8 fun filled days away! This camp is for those who are between 8 and 14.
Early Years & Children programs
Growing Up Healthy Downtown
FREE programs for children under age 6 and their parents and/or guardians
Baby & Parent Swim
Family Swim
Various learning activities
After-School Programs
Club Activities such as Homework Club, Computer Club, and Girls in Action
Music and Arts
Red Cross Swimming Lessons
*Escort service available at the end of each school day from the following schools:
Orde Public School
Ogden Public School
DaVinci Public School
Lord Landsdowne Public School
March Break Camp - ages 4-12
A full-day camp with an early drop off and late pickup option. Our instructors plan age appropriate activities which include science projects, swimming, arts and crafts, sports and field trips.
PA Day Camp
Our PA Day Camp (no school) option gives families a way to access an affordable program for children in our community. The Camp integrates fun and learning and allows children to participate to their fullest potential. Through sports, arts and crafts, skill-based games, child-directed and gross motor activities as well as swimming our campers get to explore their skills and learn new ones. PA Day Camp starts at 9am and ends at 4:30pm. Lunch is included!
Summer Camp
Butterfly Camp is for children ages 4-5 and includes age appropriate activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, cooperative games, dance and music.
The Ladybug Camp is for children between the ages of 6 and 7 and includes sports, swimming, arts and crafts as well as games and music.
Adventure Camp is for campers who are a tad bit older, from 8 to 12, we offer a more action packed days filled with science projects, field trips, sports and swimming.
Academic Camp is for children who are in grades 2 through 6. In the morning, under the direction of a qualified children’s educator, we provide Math, English and other academic learning activities. In the afternoon our Academic Camp kids enjoy camp activities such as trips and swimming.
*We provide a healthy lunch every day
*Early drop-off and late pickup are available for an additional fee.
*Please contact the University Settlement or visit its website for  further details (schedules, fees, membership, registration, etc) and the latest updates.