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Young Achievers Daycare Centre

Child Care Licence

Feb 26 2009

Licence Status
Regular with Conditions

Legal Status

Inspection Summary

Visit Date Purpose of Visit Compliance Level on Date of Inspection Resolved Before Licence Issued
Jan 21, 2015 Licensing Inspection 98%
Feb 21, 2013 Licensing Inspection 97%

Areas of Non Compliance

Terms and Conditions

The licensee shall ensure that the Licensing Inspection Summary is posted in a conspicuous place in the child care centre at or near an entrance commonly used by parents. The licensee shall ensure that the completed Licensing Checklist and the Summary of Licensing Requirements and Recommendations sheets are readily available for parents.
The school age licensed capacity is based on the use of the gymnasium and the alternate space of Rooms 104 and 108.
Guidelines and sample menus for preparing bag lunches/snacks which meet Canada's Food Guide, as well as procedures for refrigeration or the use of ice packs with bag lunches, shall be provided to each parent and posted at the centre. The operator shall review this information with parents at the time of enrolment and the information shall be included in the centre's parent handbook. The centre shall ensure back-up procedures are in place if a bag lunch/snack is forgotten.

Director's Approval

Director's approval for a mixed age group for children aged 68 months to 12 years of age. Therefore 20% of 30 children, maximum 6 children, may be from the younger age group (44 to 67 months).
Director approval has been granted for school age children to bring bagged lunches and or snacks.

Official Registration Information
Please check Ontario Ministry of Education for the official registration information. Use "Where Children Grow - St. Columban's West" as "Name of Program" to search.

Child Care Capacity

Age Group Age From Age To Capacity
Primary/Junior School Age 5 yr 8 mo 13 30

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8 locations